Why do I train Jiujitsu at Lightning Kicks?

​I’ve told a lot of people about training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kind of tinkering with MMA. First off, yes there is a difference between the two. MMA involves striking while BJJ does not. I’d be lying however, if I said that I have never taken an accidental kick to the face, knee to the side of the head, punch, so on and so forth, but that’s beside the point. 99% of the time this gets brought up in a conversation, it is usually followed up with the question, “Why? Why do you do a sport that the goal, essentially, is to hurt your opponent, while possibly getting hurt yourself?”

​To put it in simpler terms, the answer to that question is one you should hear from people who are dedicated to any sport; they love it. But, to further explain why I train Jiujitsu, also known as BJJ, I have to go back in time and explain where it all came from. So sit back, relax and take a trip down memory lane with me.

​When I was roughly a freshman, going on to sophomore year in high school, I was spending my summer in my dad’s condo in Northern California.

My great grandmother had recently passed away and had left 1,000 dollars to her great grandchildren to invest how they wish. Well one night, I was not able to fall asleep for whatever reason. I mean it was summer vacation and I didn’t have any responsibilities anyway, but this particular night, staying up wasn’t exactly on the docket. Well while I was browsing MySpace (yes I lived through the old glory days of MySpace), and watching TV, I flipped the channel on accident to SpikeTV and sure enough, the TV program that was on was the UFC’s 100 Greatest Knockouts. Up until this point, I knew of the UFC, but didn’t really have any interest or penchant to dabble in the sport myself. But fight after fight, I realized that I was focusing less on the computer and mor