When you’re fighting, don’t get caught watching the fight

Some people call it “being in the zone,” “flow,” or “the state of no mind.” For me it was about being completely in the moment. The key for me was not having an opinion, feelings, or emotions about what was going on during the fight, I wanted to just be.

Khillah entering the cage prior to a fight
That short walk from the lockerroom to the cage can be brutal

I used to keep telling myself “trust your body, it will know what to do; trust your body, it will know what to do.“ Since my rational mind was completely terrified, freaking out, and thought that I was making a series of bad life choices that have led me to literally being locked in a cage with another man, about to do a very physical form of the tango.

I had to attempt to shut my logical mind off, and remind myself that when I let my body go, it will know what to do. I accidentally stumbled across this mindset, I don’t remember when the first time I entered into the state of “no mind“ was, but I really liked the results. It was like getting to dismiss that frazzled logical mind and “let the big boys handle this.”