Switching from an Extrinsic to an Intrinsic Locus of Control

What the heck does that mean? well, I'm not sure either, I just wanted to use some big words to peak your curiosity. Let's see if we can figure it out together.

Matt Hughes and Amir Khillah grappling
Completely unrelated picture of me getting beat up by Matt Hughes, just for the wow factor and to increase views. Side note, if you've ever wondered what it would feel like to fight a silverback, it's kind of like this. Hughes is a beast, proud to be his student and proud of his progress in recovering and walking again.

It can sometimes be easy to get frustrated when doing the things you are passionate about. It takes time and grind to get better at doing things that are worth while. Years and years on the mat are required to forge a jiujitsu game, get double taps at the range, or improve your public speaking skills.

Moreover, it sure feels good when your teacher walks by and says “hey good work on that sweep.” Positive reinforcement is a powerful thing, it’s something that I need to get better at myself during teaching. However, when we do things right, there is more often than not, nothing becomes of it, meaning no one says anything about it.