Standing Up to Bullies

Let’s face it, most men in our day and age have never been in a physical altercation no less actually thrown a punch with the intent to harm. For the most part many of us rely on the protection of our governing bodies that are designed to protect and defend us. We are very fortunate in this country to have the protections and liberties afford to us through our local police force. If push comes to shove we can call the police to do the shoving for us, which in many ways is a good thing. But what happens when you find yourself directly in harm’s way? When there is no way to avoid the impending conflict in front of you? Will you run afraid, or will you stand and defend yourself?

This is a question that many men aren’t prepared to answer, for most men are unfamiliar with their own machinery. The truth is, many of us spend the majority of our days staring at a computer, living in a virtual reality of sorts and we almost forget that we have this whole body connected to our mind