Lightning Kicks is for you

Three female students learning Jiujitsu at Lightning Kicks
Adult Jiujitsu (BJJ) class

Do you like pushing yourself? I mean really pushing yourself. Like to the limit? Where you work to see how far you can push your mind and body, don’t make excuses, don’t blame others for your shortcomings, and have the guts to stare down and challenge your pseudo ego.

do you get a genuine satisfaction from lifting up others? Empowering the weak? Extending your hand to a friend that is down and helping them back to their feet?

if so, Lightning Kicks is the place for you. Self discovery and empowerment is what we do! It comes in different forms, Jiujitsu, self defense, and mixed martial arts. But regardless log if you do one or all three at Lightning Kicks, the focus is the same. We want you!

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