Follow Through

"Man, he would've been so good!" This is something I've told Amir so many times in regards to the countless young men (and women) who have graced Lightning Kicks Martial Arts Academy, but for one reason or another things seemed to fizzle out. Perhaps life got in the way, or they moved, or any number of factors kept them from moving forward in their journey of self discovery and transformation via the martial arts.

However, all too often it seems the factors that keep these individuals from achieving greatness are well within their control and it is just a matter of following through. And that seems to be the sticking point for so many, what keeps so many of us from moving forward with our lives in the direction of our dreams. Everything seems good on paper, when it is just an idea, a dream which requires no actionable items yet. But that all changes when you take that first step towards your dream and everything becomes real, becomes scary, and you have to find out how close or far away you really are from that dream.

This is a reality I see so often. Individuals who step in on their first day with the passion of dreams turning into a reality fueling them off the ground, and these individuals put a significant amount of effort and show quite a bit of promise at first. However, once all that energy dwindles away they begin to plateau, lose self belief and begin doubting themselves, telling themselves this was a dumb idea and talk themselves out of becoming great.

Others are simply impatient, especially men who believe their natural killer instincts and God given talent should translate seamlessly into martial arts training. They find themselves disappointed as they are manhandled by individuals they deem as their inferior and are