Don't let your preconceived​ ideas keep you from reaching the best possible you.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

What do you think is one of the hardest things you will do in your martial arts journey? No, it's not competing for a regional or state title, winning a national championship, or even making a run at it in the UFC. One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is walk through the doors for the first time.

Not only are you walking into a place with a bunch of "fighters," you are walking into a place that is treated with reverence by those occupying it; a place where you will physically and emotionally be pushed past what you perceive to be your limits; and a place where there seems to be a certain hierarchy and military discipline (hence the word martial in martial arts).

At Lightning Kicks, we think it's ok to make you feel uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, we believe too many of us remain in our "comfort zone," never truly getting to challenge ourselves and realize our full potential. At Lightning Kicks, we are passionate about empowering our students so that they may discover how powerful they truly are.

The Lightning Kicks family is extremely diverse, welcoming, caring, and loving. Mixed martial arts, kids martial arts, advanced self-defense, and Brazilian jiujitsu maybe the names of the courses that we offer at Lightning Kicks. However, the true products we are proud to offer you or your child are confidence, focus, determination, dedication, perseverance, drive, and leadership.

Get over your initial reservation, schedule a free trial class for yourself or your child. Take your life to the next level.