Death of the Toxic Man is the Birth of the Hero

Who is the toxic man if it is not the untested man? Indeed, it is the  man who can feel the tug of the heroic deep within his psyche calling him towards the dangerous path of greatness, but alas, chooses to ignore the voice of the hero within. This hero beckons each man to examine himself and ask if he is truly living a life worth celebrating, if they are truly making heroic and noble sacrifices that inspire their families and communities towards the deep dignity of humanity. Unfortunately, the toxic man can see that heroic vision but out of fear chooses to take the safer path, the path of comfort, security, and pleasures.

The toxic man is haunted by his inner hero, and realizing he is too afraid to truly walk the dangerous path of the hero he misplaces his pent up angst and targets those around him whom he sees as being "less than." These are the men who beat, belittle, berate, and abuse their wives or girlfriends. They are the ones who bully the weakest amongst them and take pleasure in the failures and shortcomings of others who have the courage to pursue their dreams. They are the back stabbers, the thieves, adulterers and pornographers who all too often choose to live vicariously through others. They are the voyeurists who spend hours upon hours watching the athletes and actors on television living the lives they've always wanted. Instead of creating families, discipling children, investing in their wives/significant others, communities or their friends they settle for a sad and pathetic life of voyeurism. 

Ultimately, the toxic man is a coward, and the coward is a dangerous kind of man because he is unpredictable, unreliable, and mainly concerned with his own survival. He has a warped sense of reality because he is unwilling to answer the questions, "Am I one of the weak, or am I one of the strong?" This quality of man needs to be put to death and martial arts and combat training has proven to be a most effective executioner.