Are you traveling this summer?

Updated: May 19

Summer is right around the corner, if your summer travels takes you to any of the following areas be sure to drop into one of our sister schools for some amazing training, learn from some of the very best specialists in their fields:

Sandy, Utah

Jeremy Horn’s Elite Performance

If you’ve been an MMA fan for a while (aka an OG) you know who Jeremy Horn is! Horn is an MMA legend and pioneer. That’s what’s great about mixed martial arts, you can sign up and train with an icon of the sport for about how much it costs to get a gym membership.

Monument, Colorado

The Academy of Martial Arts

Tom Lynn, Jr is a Taekwondo pioneer, former national team member and World Cup medalist. Lynn is also a former MMA fighter and a Jiujitsu black belt. If you make it to monument be sure to stop in and get a roll in.

Miami, Florida

Carlson Gracie Miami

If you‘ve been a member of the Lightning Kicks family for a while, you know the leader of our Ghost Squad Association, Michel Pereira Porfirio, affectionately known to us as Professor Buiù. Buiù is an experienced IBJJF referee and official.

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