Prevent burnout

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Morning cardio for weight loss at 6 am, kickboxing sparring at 10 am, strength and conditioning with my strength and conditioning coach, Tim Hermann, head strength and conditioning coach at Western Michigan University at 1 pm, mits at 4:30 pm, and grappling at 5:30 pm. How was I able to maintain that training schedule without burning out for so many years?

Here are a couple tips to keep you training at an optimal level. "You shall work and toil for six days, but on the seventh day you shall rest." A rest day is not only vital to your mental and physical health, it's part of your training. You have to give yourself time to recover, heal, and rebound to a higher level than you had. That doesn't just include time off of training. It also calls for great nutrition, hydration, and spiritual growth.

Changing your point of view is also vital. DO NOT train for upcoming fights or competitions. Yes, have micro and macro training cycles. Train smart

. But do not "go off the rails" in the "off season." Train like a martial artist not a fighter. Training and constant growth and improvement needs to be a constant in your life, not only when you have a contract signed for a fight.