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What Makes Lightning Kicks Martial Arts Different?


There are a lot of martial arts gyms out there that can teach you. At Lightning Kicks we are inviting you to come be a part of our family- join our community.


No matter your goal we can help you acquire the discipline necessary to accomplish it. Whether it's to lose weight, get healthier, be more confident, or how to defend yourself.  Learning the discipline of martial arts will allow you to apply discipline to many aspects of your life.  We also work with our younger students to help them gain the focus, confidence and character they need in the gym and in life.


We didn't set out to create martial arts champions. We were building a family. Years of discipline and training together led to our family producing world class champions . From the world of MMA, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, our martial arts school has produced national champions, world competitors and amazing athletes.

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We offer classes in jiu jitsu,  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kids Jui Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, Hapkido, Self Defense and Yoga for Athletes.  


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We look forward to seeing you at Lightning Kicks Martial Arts Gym located near Portage and Kalamazoo.

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What Martial Arts We Teach

kids martial arts in Kalamazoo

Our kids learn bully-proofing and self-discipline  through jiujitsu and Taekwondo. 
Classes Mon - Thurs

mixed martial arts in kalamazoo

Combining all of the martial arts together into an effective fighter.  Classes Mon & Wed

Brazilian JiuJitsu Kalamazoo BJJ Kalamazoo

Jiujitsu is a ground-based martial art that teaches a smaller person to overcome a stronger opponent.
Classes Mon - Thurs

Women's Self-defense in Kalamazoo

Combat Hapkido is an effective form of self defense utilizing joint locks and throws.
Classes Tues & Thurs

Women's Self-Defense Kalamazoo

Learn to defend yourself with proven methods in a safe environment. 

Classes Every 2nd Friday

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for athletes is designed to develop sport specific flexibility, balance, and core strength.
Classes Sunday at Noon

Building This Martial Arts Community

Women's Self-Defense Workshops


Women's Self-Defense Workshops

A hands-on learning experience. Learn street-prooven self-defense techniques. No previous experience required.

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Our Scholarship Program

Eric Zapata Scholarship Program
We aim to help kids that can't afford classes develop martial arts skills, character & build friendships.
Call (269) 383-2610 to donate or find out more.

Read About Our Martial Arts Family

COVID-19 Update


In keeping your health and safety in mind, as well of that of your family, our staff, and cour community, we will be closed until given the all clear by health officials. In the meantime, join us on our private facebook page. 

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161 W Centre Ave

Portage, Michigan 49024

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